Company Profile

   [company name] Japan News Media Service

   [address] 3-4-44 Sekimachiminami,Nerima-ku,Tokyo-to,Japan 177-0053

   [contact information] (TEL) 81-3-6904-7035
                (FAX) 81-3-6904-9021

   [Establishment date] 9/2010

   [Representative]   NOBUYUKI KOIKE

   [Business Outline] 
           1.Internet international news program production.
           2.Event airing production. (Internet live distribution.)
           3.Agency photography of media coverage materials.
           4.Broadcasting report coverage support.
           5.Technical support for Research,Development,design,Construction of internet live streaming system.
           6.Operation, management, and monitoring of internet broadcasting system.
           7.All work related to each item above.

    [Main client
           ・ TBS
           ・ NHK
           ・ Kyodo News
           ・ Ustream
           ・ NTT East Japan

    [Actual results
             ・ Internet news broadcasts regarding the death of Hanako, the Asian elephant kept at the Inokashira Park

         (Event Broadcasts
             ・ Live broadcasts of the 65th and 66th Suwako Matsuri Kojyo Fireworks Festival

    [Affiliated Organizations
            ・[Approved by the Government of Japan] Professional & Parallel Career Freelancers Association
            ・Internet News Association of Japan