Company Profile

   [company name] Japan News Service

   [address] 3-4-44 Sekimachiminami,Nerima-ku,Tokyo-to,Japan 177-0053

   [contact information] (TEL) 03-6904-7035
                  (FAX) 03-6904-9021

   [Establishment date] 9/2010

   [Representative]   NOBUYUKI KOIKE

   [Business Outline] 
           1.Production and operations/management of internet news
           2.Event broadcast production (internet live broadcasts)
           3.Substitute shooting of news video material
           4.Production of internet based international news broadcasts
           5.All business related to the items above

    [Main client
           ・ TBS
           ・ NHK
           ・ Ustream
           ・ NTT East Japan

    [Actual results
             ・ Internet news broadcasts regarding the death of Hanako, the Asian elephant kept at the Inokashira Park

         (Event Broadcasts
             ・ Live broadcasts of the 65th and 66th Suwako Matsuri Kojyo Fireworks Festival